The majority of the information in this and the companion volumes was taken from records in the Federal Archives in Denver, Colorado, and the Family History Library located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The records in Salt Lake are available for public use at no cost. The film numbers used throughout these volumes are the numbers assigned to the film at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Anyone wishing to use these microfilms can contact the nearest Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and ask for the location of the nearest Family History Center. The center can have the film sent to them for use by the library patrons.

Most of the records used for this research originated between 1876 and 1920. A very small percentage is current information from living persons updating their family records in this work. The records used had quite a few detectable errors. Anyone doing research on Native Americans knows there are problems with ages, names, and family lineage. Other errors occurred due to transferring information to the computer. The note field will draw your attention to some of the obvious errors that were discovered.

These volumes are not by any means meant to be a complete record of the individuals listed. This is merely a compilation from about twenty sources, mostly government and church records. The information is presented as it appears on the records. If changes were made, it is recorded in the note field. No attempt was made to add information to a person's record that was not on the microfilms or books or added by relatives of that person.

The intent in creating this work was to make available to the researchers of Blackfeet Nation genealogies information on their ancestors. This work will help eliminate many tedious hours going through records looking for ancestors. This hopefully will be useful in some small degree to the seasoned researcher and a starting place for the beginner who is in doubt how to get started on his ancestral search. This work is far from complete and is only to be another tool for your use.

I hope you have as much enjoyment as the compiler had in preparing this work. Feel free to contact the compiler if you need help. Don't get discouraged. This is just a fraction of the information available on the Blackfeet Nation.


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