This is the entry point for the Blackfeet Genealogy database.  This database came into existence the summer of 1999 and partially found its place on the Web in 2003.  By September of 2006, the full database is now available.

The Introduction was written by Bob Gilham and explains a bit about where this information was gathered from.

Field Codes and Field Notes are a simple coding system and explanation created by Bob Gilham to efficiently record the references form all gathered information.  It is useful to the researcher to look at these if they are interested in knowing the original sources.

The Surname List and Full Name List were compiled using the PAF 5 program provided free of charge from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saint. The Full Name List is 1 MB so it is slow to download. I plan to break it up into smaller pages in the near future.

The History page contains the story of the fortuitous circumstances that lead to this database being made available to everyone.

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