Field Note Info

FILM: The microfilm number from which information on the individual was first entered.

SOURCE: The type of record from which the information on the individual was first recorded.

YEAR: The year the original source record was created.

PAGE: The page number of the source record where the person was first entered in this compilation - the letter preceding the number describes the type of record: B=Birth; D=Death; M=Marriage; G=Genealogy; R=Ration; C=Census; etc.

TARGET: The location of the book on the microfilm listed in the film field.

NAME: The person described on the record.

ALLOTMENT #: The allotment number of the person in the name field.

TRANSLATION: Gives the English translation of an Indian name or the Indian translation of an English name - some translations do not match the English name or vice versa - many individuals listed had more than one name - sometimes one name is listed in the name field and another in the translation field.

SEX: Occasionally not listed on the original record - a few seem to have an obvious error in listing the sex of a person.

OTHER NAMES: When multiple names are found for a person it is entered here.

STATUS: Of person in name field at time original record was made as recorded in the year field.

AGE: At time original record was made (see year field).

BIRTH: Birth is usually listed day, month, year, unless otherwise indicated.

DEATH: Death date is listed day, month, year - exceptions are usually obvious.

BLOOD: Degree of Indian blood as listed on record - a (?) means a discrepancy was found and an explanation may be in the note field.

TRIBE: This is the tribe affiliation according to blood lineage of the person.

SPOUSE: Spouse of the person in the name field - this is not always the first spouse - explanation is usually made in the other marriage or note field.

MARRIAGE DATE: The date of marriage between persons in name and spouse fields.

ALLOTMENT: Allotment number of person in spouse field.

RECORD NUMBER: The sequential number of the record in this compilation.

OTHER MARRIAGES: Other spouses of person listed in name field.

FATHER: Father of the person in the name field - sometimes a child is merely staying with a family and the source record lists them as a child of the family.

ALLOTMENT: Allotment number of father of person in name field.

MOTHER: The person listed is the mother of the person in name field ? in cases of plural marriages, the mothers are listed in note field.

ALLOTMENT: Allotment number of mother of person in name field.

NOTE: The film page and target fields give the source where the person in the name field was first located. The note field lists information from that first source that does not go in the other fields on the individuals report. The note field also contains the information from the possible twenty other sources where the person was found.

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